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<![CDATA[Discovering other journalism blogs]]>Tue, 28 Apr 2015 13:58:16 GMThttp://josenegron.weebly.com/multimedia-journalism/discovering-other-journalism-blogsAs part of our assignment for Multimedia Journalism, I looked through the list of URL's and found some blogs that were no longer in service. I looked at other blogs as well, but a lot of them have not been updated over the years. The one significant blog that a checked out was Journalistopia.com, a blog dedicated to digital media and run by Danny Sanchez. The blog had not been updated with stories since 2013, but it was interesting to see a blog that included a lot of news involving google and even some articles linked from google. Sanchez is a developmental manager at the Orlando Sentinel, so a lot of his writing deals improving ideas and spreading them to make journalism and journalists better. Digital media is taking over and his blog really develops new theories when it comes to this new and developing type of journalism. It is a bit plain and would probably be better if it was updated more with news and breaking stories, but it is interesting to read some of the stories that were indeed published. ]]><![CDATA[Adding audio and photos to a story]]>Tue, 24 Mar 2015 14:34:34 GMThttp://josenegron.weebly.com/multimedia-journalism/adding-audio-and-photos-to-a-storyI don't have much experience when it comes to supplementing feature stories with photo slides, video and/or audio. If you're writing a feature story on someone who accomplished a specific feat, you may not want to include audio or video, but you may want to use some photos.
If you are doing a feature on someone who has a specific skill set or does something out of the ordinary, you might want to have video and audio of this person showing off their special abilities. You could also use a slideshow when covering a special event in order to capture everything that is happening.
Audio and video can be used in many different situations, but there are scenarios in which it wouldn't entirely be necessary. In our specific project in covering a conference that we attended, photos and audio would be necessary because we are covering an event that is only held annually. We were able to interview people and the photo slide and audio allows the audience to get a better grasp of what the journalists are trying to do and what the story is that they are trying to tell
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Courtesy of DailyBlogTips.com

The world of journalism is always constantly evolving. The day and age in which someone would simply pick up a copy of a newspaper and read it at the kitchen table might be considered over. Journalism is becoming more and more technology based. Social Media and posting stories on a publication's websites are becoming more of a norm. 
Blogging has had a huge impact on journalism as well. If you look into some of your favorite writers and journalists, there's a very good chance that you may find that they have their own blog aside from their job for a publication. Most journalists have their own blogs because it gives them a chance to express themselves in different ways and gain traffic to their sites and the site of their publication. Having your own blog allows you to create your own style and voice and share that style with your audience. 
Keeping a blog, posting often (which I personally need to start doing more), and even sharing different fun things can make your blog extremely unique. 
One of the main goals in journalism is to do things that have never been thought of before. The goal is to have a unique style that you can call your own in this constantly changing world of journalism. Blogs help you maintain that style and allow you the chance to show off your creativity and do things your way.